Friday, April 01, 2011

Moving Up, On, Out... Sort of

Well, crickets, the time has come to talk of other things.  I am not yet sold on discontinuing things on this my beloved (six-year-old!) blog.  But recently, when looking back over my archives, I realized something.  Things have changed.  Not just my messy real estate portfolio or marital status or career or number of adorable progeny inhabiting my tiny house.  Perhaps because of all those changes, I have changed. Thank goodness.

Looking back at some of my words over the years, I have been less than kind, less than thoughtful.  Loud and passionate does not often equal gracious. So, in the spirit of embracing change, living intentionally, and...ugh...turning 30, I have started another blog. Like me, it's not really sure what it wants to be yet.  But there I will work to be more open and thoughtful while writing through my life.  I hope you'll come visit:

I am very grateful for your patience and persistence over the years!
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