Friday, September 16, 2005

Best Week Ever?

Or, you can use your degree to be called "cheap" at work four separate times in one day while performing an undervalued job, only to go deep into debt to further that "calling" and come home to putz around writing a blog that a deliberately anonymous contingent occasionally reads. Yes, clearly, you can see what option I find the most appealing.

Alors, is this week ever going to end? And if it does, will that really be what I’m looking for, anyway?

A run-down. Monday morning we put a contract on our first house. Monday and Tuesday I attended my first classes at opposite ends of my geographic spectrum, while waiting to hear if our contract was accepted. Monday/Tuesday, we learned that our contract was accepted, and we finagled the financials to make it work. Wednesday at ohmygod in the morning, The Boy left for Cali. Wednesday night, I had to re-sign all of the documents I signed at ohmygod the previous night re: buying this house it feels like I can’t afford. Thursday, I learned that my job is far more in jeopardy than I had originally thought. Again. Friday, I attended a meeting involving severe self marketing (i.e., Please Love Me Enough to Pay Me, You Just Have To). Whew.

On tap for the weekend? Student night at the O’s game, which, conveniently, is also $1 hot dog night. If it doesn’t rain, because I am not trying to recreate the Howie Day experience. If it does rain, I plan to hop around the Hill with some pals. Tomorrow? Foregoing great tickets to the Maryland football game for homework and Little Sister’s soccer game. And I’m not sure I can put off this apartment cleaning and grocery shopping much longer. GAHH, again with the whole responsibility thing! Sometime between Saturday and Sunday, The Boy is due to arrive home.

Sunday, I have to strive to arrive at church at 7:45. I got a subtle talking-to about my moseying in at 8:15, after all the set-up has been done, so I’m going to try. I have to be honest though, it’s not without resentment. Because I was never made aware of the demands of this commitment at any point. And this girl needs her beauty sleep more than she can say. (If you’ve seen me recently, you can attest that it’s a good thing Dwayne Johnson (a.k.a., THE ROCK) causes such a scene that most people see him more clearly than they do me these days, because I am not looking so hot.) So, moving forward, as I mentioned before, I promised to dedicate myself and my Sunday to football and The Boy. I would say that it’s not necessarily in that order, but you know how I feel about fibbing.

Monday, lather, rinse, repeat. I’m hoping for a smoother experience re: my re-entry to the world of education, but I’ll keep you posted.


Meggara said...

I missed "what to do with an english degree part 1." Was it Use your copius spare time at work to write blog entries for your friends to read since your job doesn't challenge you enough in the field which you love?

Anonymous said...

I still heart your blog, although it raises some provocative questions, e.g., if you have only recently acquired a caboose, what did you do for one before? And where did you acquire one, Ebay? Congrats on the house, the classes, etc. What's up with your job? And why should a singer have to arrive early to help set up? Like a guitar player would let you touch his set up anyway! Hope all is fabulous; anxious to hear more about everything, esp. school.

Ciao, Bella-

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